This page provides solutions to problems I’ve encountered with various design programs and other design/publishing matters. Hope it helps my colleagues, peers and other creatives. —Chaz

Font present on system but requires a layout change (Photoshop)

I had several layers of text and some showed the ! with “Font present on system but requires a layout change.” I just tinkered around and discovered when I do any one of the following the message went away:

For all type layers at once:

  • On the top menu, go to Type > Update All Text Layers

For individual layers:

  • Click on the layer that shows the alert, and then you can do one of several things, all stuff that you’d do when working on text:
    • Click on a layer that shows the alert, then with the Text Tool selected (T) just click anywhere on the live type for that layer. That’s all, just the one click, then the alert should go away.
    • Click on a layer that shows the alert, then click on the Color swatch rectangle in the Character palette, then when the “Color Picker (Text Only)” window pops up simply just click Okay. The pop up will close and the alert should disappear.

When opening a psd file:

  • Also note, upon opening the Photoshop file, you might see “Some text layers might need to be updated before they can be used for vector based output. You you want to update these layers now?” Then you have two choices: “No” or “Update” If you select “Update” that should do the trick and you won’t even see the alert on any of the layers.

Caps lock indicator for Windows

Fantastic little app for Windows 10 (and earlier) shows an “LED” in your program tray indicating if your CAPS LOCK (I just used it now and love it!), NUM LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK are on or off. My Windows 7 had a huge pop-up that would stay on for a moment whenever any of these was turned on or off, but that was still a hassle. However, Windows 10 has nothing to indicate the mode. So I’ve been having to retype entire sentences in the opposite case. Or trying to type in a password when the characters all show as bullets? Impossible if you can’t tell whether caps are on and you can’t see the password. Nice going, Microshit. Well, I’d pay $50 for this little app, but guess what—it’s free! And there are no upsells. Lots of configuration options including custom colors and placement on screen. Like I said, it’s free, but I love it so much I pressed the donate button (partly because it is such a sleek, unobtrusive design, as well).