Brand Identity Questionnaire

BrandIDGuideangleDownload here.

This Brand Identity Questionnaire was created to help Chaz DeSimone and his branding specialists perceive the purpose and personality of a company’s or product’s brand requirements, as well as satisfy the specific desires of the client. (One client absolutely detested orange; another required “those little things on the ends of letters” otherwise known as serifs. Both got superb logos—no orange, lots of serifs.)

Surprisingly, nearly all clients who utilized the questionnaire have told Chaz that pondering the questions helped themselves realize several important aspects, ideals and goals of their brand that they hadn’t previously considered. You, too, may have to ponder some of these questions about your own brand, such as:

  • Why was this company created?
  • What do you do better than anyone else?
  • Is there a competitor that you admire most, and why?

This Brand Identity Questionnaire is free, to help you prepare working with your brand identity designer, whether it is Desimone Design or another excellent design team.

Get it right here, right now.

It’s absolutely free, and you don’t have to give us your email or anything. Chaz just wants you to end up with a very successful logo and identity program, and his Brand Identity Questionnaire will help you achieve that. There’s a submit button at the end if you’d like Chaz to review your answers, free of charge. He will contact you and gladly answer questions and offer tips. But he won’t try to sell you anything. If you’d rather not submit the questionnaire, just print it out for your own use. Even share it with another designer if you wish.

Here’s the final question in the document, one which you should start thinking about immediately:

  • If you could communicate a single message about your company, what would it be?

FAILogo: what to look for (or look out for) in a logo

FAILogo report: beware of undesignersIf you’ve read the articles on why good design is important, you surely want to find a good designer. You may not need our caliber (or simply cannot afford our fee), but you still should get the best for your money. Unfortunately, there are too many designers with too little talent. Many don’t try to rip you off; they just don’t realize their work is inferior. And you surely aren’t expected to be the creative expert—otherwise you would have designed it yourself, right? 

Fortunately, here’s a guide to help you analyze the quality of a logo rendering. There are several examples, clearly pointing out what to look for. These are actual screenshots from one of the major online creative agencies, where Chaz DeSimone has called out the unprofessional elements in each example. 

Download your FAILogo guide here

Inspect your designer’s submissions carefully; in fact, inspect their portfolio first. Usually a designer is all good or all bad across the board. You may have to look through a lot of portfolios to find the best designer of the lot, but it will pay off. Your logo is your symbol of taste and credibility.

Book design: back cover

When books were sold in bookstores with shelves, the second most important “page” besides the book cover was the back cover. It was promotional piece, and if well-though-out and nicely designed, it could be the clincher to sell the book. The back cover is still relevant and important, because even if a book is purchased online, there is an image of the back cover that can be viewed. More importantly, once a book is out in the open, and the cover looks interesting, someone just might pick it up and read the back cover. 

There’s a formula for creating good back cover content. It can be modified quite a bit, but a safe bet is to use it as a guide or even stick to the format exactly. Here is a guide that is proven, and one which I use for my own book covers (examples are shown). 

Download your Book Design Back Cover guide here

Problems using a credit card with PayPal?

Are you having problems using your credit or debit card with PayPal. We do understand how frustrating that can be. Generally, PayPal is problem free but from time to time issues do arise.

On occasion when users attempt to make a payment by using credit card without logging in to a PayPal account, PayPal will reject the credit card information and returns the following error message or something very similar:

The credit card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit card number.

The issue is definitely confusing because the rejection might happen with credit card which was previously accepted and worked properly.

There are numerous reasons on why PayPal won’t let you use your credit card, displays the card rejected error or won’t show you the option to pay with a credit card. Some of the reasons we experienced with other customers are listed below.

PayPal Thinks You Are Logged In (Stored Cookies)

Sometimes PayPal thinks that you are signed into PayPal, and therefore won’t let you use your card. To get around this, clear the cache of your internet browser and try once more. If you don’t know how to clear your cache, here is a helpful resource.

Credit Card Is Linked or Associated with a PayPal Account

Your credit card is already connected to an active PayPal account. If you had signed up for a PayPal account in the past using the same card you are trying to register with, you need to login to PayPal to continue. If you do not want to login, try using a different credit card.

Email Address Is Linked or Associated with a PayPal Account

Your email address is associated with an active PayPal account. As stated above, if you had signed up for a PayPal account in the past using the same email you are trying to register with, you need to login to PayPal to continue. If you do not want to login, use a different email address.

Credit Card Is Previously Used in PayPal Account or Assigned in Closed PayPal Account

PayPal remembers a credit card’s details even when it’s already been removed from the account. The information may also been remembered even if PayPal account which linked to the credit card is closed and deleted. In this case, try using another credit card, or assign the credit card to your PayPal account, and then pay while logged in.

PayPal Not Available In Your Country/Region

While PayPal is available in most regions, PayPal may not be available in your country. You can use the tool linked below to find out what services PayPal offers in your area.

PayPal Limit on Non-Member Credit Card Usage

According to a PayPal source, there is a limit based on the number of times, the amount of the transactions, the type of merchandise being sold that a credit card can be used within the system without having to verify ownership by opening an account. The restriction is for security and fraud protection purposes. You may have purchased items on PayPal before and the amount exceeds the cap which PayPal allots for individuals before they require you to register. To get around this, you can either use a new credit card, or sign up for a PayPal account. Remember, opening a PayPal account gives you added purchase protection so it’s beneficial to you as a consumer to do so. Using a verfied PayPal account for payments keeps you from having to share your credit card information with multiple shops/merchants.

Credit Card Is Not Confirmed in Your PayPal Account Settings

If you have created an account with PayPal and the credit card has been linked to an account, but not yet confirmed, try completing all credit card information such as Card Verification Number or Security Code, and confirm the card by entering the PayPal code shown on the credit card statement on special refundable charge by PayPal.

In all these cases we’re told the problem shouldn’t arise if you add the credit card to a PayPal account and use it as the funding source for transactions through the PayPal account. If none of these points apply to you you can call PayPal Customer service. Contact information is provided below

PayPal Customer Service: 1-888-221-1161 1-402-935-2050 (if calling from outside the U.S.) 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Pacific Time Saturday and Sunday

If you are still unable to complete your payment using PayPal, please contact us and we can try to arrange some other method of payment Thank you.