Do you believe in perfection?


Do you (like most people) say perfection does not exist?

Totally unattainable?

Pursuing it is a waste of time?

Then I suggest you leave right now, as this site will hold no credibility for you, especially in the appreciation of what makes good design good.

On the other hand, if perfection resonates perfectly with you…

Those who scoff at perfection usually don’t appreciate excellence at all. They find some online “designer” to hack up an amateur logo for $99 (wait—did I say $99? will do it for five bucks!) and order their 250 flimsy business cards absolutely free (plus a whopping shipping and handling fee, of course). And grab an artist from craigslist to throw together some collateral that will end up in the round file. Writing a book? Maybe the same guy will design their next bestseller, too. Good luck.

If you are one of the blessed few, however, who argues till blue in the face (Pantone 279 will do) that perfection is an ideal that is real and attainable, that it serves a worthy (though sometimes lofty) purpose, that it is absolutely worth pursuing because

it is incredibly rare…

extremely valuable…

and achieving it is a spine-tingling, exhilarating experience…

Welcome to my studio, my philosophy, my passion for superb design.

Whether a solitary logo, an extensive identity system, a book cover, fine typography, hand lettering (the real authentic stuff with a brush and pen before computers), or even a meatball*—whatever it is, it’s got to be good. Extremely good. Actually, in my opinion, absolutely perfect.

Thanks for joining me in appreciating and pursuing perfection.

Chaz DeSimone
designer, typographer, lettering artist BC (before computers)

*add some fresh mint—delizioso!

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