That’s right, colors—with an s.

For the first time, Pantone has chosen two Colors of the Year, not just a single Color of the Year:

Rose Quartz and Serenity

Apparently, the colors seem to be more suitable for fashion and home, as they are exact matches to the color swatches and formulas. For print and web, which of course we’ll need when showcasing anything made with those colors—or as stand-alone graphic design colors—the Pantone chips and formulas are approximate (closest match). See color specs at end of article.

I doubt I’ll be using Rose Quartz and Serenity much, unless someone has a baby. Of course, to introduce the newborn to the world of fashionable color, they* will paint the baby’s room in one of these, rather than standard pink or blue.

*Whether he or she, “they” is now a correct grammatical term. It’s also the Word of the Year for 2016. Read more…

To Do & To Don’t List

Okay, I admit, I did already use these Colors of the Year for the fun & functional 2016 To Do & To Don’t List. Download and print a few copies here. Also visit, which inspired the list (because it contains a fun & fabulous ampersand).

Try it. It really works, if you absolutely DON’T no matter what. Place the list wherever that “DON’T” invitation exists: email, tv, steering wheel for unnecessary errands, cell phone, beach chair.

(Scratch the beach chair; that’s my recharge.)



Here are the specs for the Pantone 2016 Colors of the Year:


Rose Quartz
Graphics (closest match): Pantone 9281 C / RGB 242 221 222 / CMYK 0 14 9 0 / HEX F2DDDE
The Fashion + Home and Plastic formulas are slightly different. See here.

Graphics (closest match): Pantone 7451 C / RGB 137 171 227 / CMYK 46 23 0 / HEX 89ABE3
The Fashion + Home and Plastic formulas are slightly different. See here.

Visit for insightful color information.