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Brand identity usually begins with the logo such as featured on this page. If a complete identity kit is needed, it is usually developed at the same time. This includes business cards, stationery, website styling, trade dress, signage and a brand identity guide. In the most comprehensive branding systems, each component is customized and stylized to creatively, sensibly and professionally reflect the client’s image.

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While your perfect logo may pop into my head within a few moments of the initial interview, I’ll usually conceptualize a logo within a day or two. Or, sometimes it may take a week or more of contemplation and trial and error before the tingling “aha” moment hits. But every time, I’m proud to tell you, my clients say “You get me!” — meaning the logo uniquely expresses the personality of their company or product, the strength of the brand, and whatever peculiar elements resonate with the client and key stakeholders.

Brand Identity GuideSometimes I “get it” only after an exhaustive interview with the CEO and key personnel, plus this valuableBrand Identity Questionnaire, which you may download below — no charge, no obligation, no matter who ends up designing your new logo.

Whatever it takes, I do not consider your logo finished until it is fully embraced by you with utmost satisfaction and pride.

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Once the logo is created, the supporting brand identity, or trade dress, is developed through lettering and fonts, color palettes, and style guides. A complete identity system is purposefully created for all instances of awareness, packaging, marketing, communication, and future brand extensions.

Along with the new logo and trade dress, most clients require business cards, stationery, stylized web headers or complete website design, collateral such as brochures, pamphlets and postcards, and other industry specific ephemera. This is all part of a comprehensive branding system, ensuring consistency, strategy, and top level design across all components.

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