One of my favorite sayings is “HA!”

I never know when it’s going to happen, but when I get a chance to shout an authentic “HA!” it’s so loud it scares people into jumping back a few feet.

It stands for “happy accident.”

Like when you take a wrong turn that happens to end up in a better place than you were headed for.

That happens in design a lot, too. Like when the cat jumped on my shoulder and the straight line I was drawing turns into the perfect squiggle for a logo. (On the other hand, once the cat jumped on my shoulder once when I smoked a pipe, and the hot ashes flew out all over my freshly-inked artwork, ruining it. Should I keep the pipe or the cat? They both provide pleasure. I kept the cat—my pipe never purred for me.)

There’s also the famous saying I use when things go seriously, irreversibly, devastatingly wrong without a happy ending…but we won’t print that here.