business cards

Why are we dedicating an entire section to business cards?

Don’t they just get tossed in the round file? (Or found in a pocket, soggy and shredded, after the rinse cycle?) Not if the concept, design and printing are spectacular! I have fun with business card design. My clients repeatedly say what a great impression their business cards always make. 

What is the main purpose of a business card? 

Well, there are several, depending on what you want them to accomplish. That is strategized in the concept stage. More important than anything—even more than the design itself—is the fact that determining what your business card’s ultimate function is, and using it for that purpose, will make it a real effective tool. Sometimes it’s advantageous to have several different business cards, each serving a different need or type of client.

How can your business card stand out?

I really like what a client once said:

“Chaz, your work doesn’t really have a style. It is style.”

I’m sure you also have seen a lot of designers’ work that all looks the same; they impregnate their personal style into your brand—and all their other clients’ brands, too. I design for you: your business, your clientele. I guess the only consistency in my work is that it’s inconsistent (but always proper and always professional).

Here are a few of the many business cards that will be added to this page—wait till you see some of the really fun stuff later on!

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