Brand Identity Questionnaire

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This Brand Identity Questionnaire was created to help me perceive the purpose and personality of a company’s or product’s brand requirements, as well as satisfy the specific desires of the client. (One client absolutely detested orange; another required “those little things on the ends of letters” otherwise known as serifs. Both got superb logos—no orange, lots of serifs, thanks to their detailed answers in the questionnaire.)

Surprisingly, nearly all clients who utilized the questionnaire have told me that pondering the questions helped themselves realize several important aspects, ideals and goals of their brand that they hadn’t previously considered. You, too, may have to ponder some of these questions about your own brand, such as:

  • Why was this company created?
  • What do you do better than anyone else?
  • Is there a competitor that you admire most, and why?

This Brand Identity Questionnaire is free, to help you prepare working with your brand identity designer, whether it is me, Chaz DeSimone at Desimone Design, or another excellent design team.

Get it right here, right now.

It’s absolutely free, and you don’t have to give me your email or anything. I just want you to end up with a very successful logo and identity program, and my Brand Identity Questionnaire will help you achieve that. There’s a submit button at the end if you’d like me to review your answers, free of charge. I’ll contact you and gladly answer questions and offer tips. But I won’t try to sell you anything. If you’d rather not submit the questionnaire, just print it out for your own use. Even share it with another designer if you wish.

Here’s the last question in the document—which you should start thinking about immediately:

  • If you could communicate a single message about your company, what would it be?