amperart.comedwardian-ampersand-hugeAre you an ampersand fan?

AmperArt™ is an ongoing personal design project by Chaz DeSimone, graphic designer & typographer, featuring “the ampersand as fun & fabulous art.” He shares his monthly creations with you absolutely free. The pdf downloads are formatted for gallery-quality printing & framing. There’s a fun story with each one, too.

Sign up here—it’s free. You will receive the original AmperArt edition #1 today absolutely free, as are all AmperArt releases. When you’re on the “A” (for “Ampersand”) list you will receive many exclusive bonuses, all free to subscribers only. You will receive the monthly release (or two, if Chaz is feeling inspired and ambitious) of the latest AmperArt piece as a high-resolution pdf to create a gallery-quality print suitable for framing.

Here are samples from the AmperArt “Advertising Slogans” series:

#21 New & Improved#41 Whiter & Brighter#45 Strong & Absorbent#48 Cool & ComfortableAmperArt-28-good-good-for-yAmpreArt-52-quality-dependaSee Chaz DeSimone’s entire AmperArt series featuring “the ampersand as fun & fabulous art” at
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