This page pro­vides solu­tions to prob­lems I’ve encoun­tered with var­i­ous design pro­grams and oth­er design/​publishing mat­ters. Hope it helps my col­leagues, peers and stu­dents. —Chaz

Font present on system but requires a layout change (Photoshop)

I had sev­er­al lay­ers of text and some showed the ! with “Font present on sys­tem but requires a lay­out change.” I just tin­kered around and dis­cov­ered when I do any one of the fol­low­ing the mes­sage went away:

For all type lay­ers at once:

  • On the top menu, go to Type > Update All Text Layers

For indi­vid­ual lay­ers:

  • Click on the lay­er that shows the alert, and then you can do one of sev­er­al things, all stuff that you’d do when work­ing on text: 
    • Click on a lay­er that shows the alert, then with the Text Tool select­ed (T) just click any­where on the live type for that lay­er. That’s all, just the one click, then the alert should go away.
    • Click on a lay­er that shows the alert, then click on the Color swatch rec­tan­gle in the Character palette, then when the “Color Picker (Text Only)” win­dow pops up sim­ply just click Okay. The pop up will close and the alert should dis­ap­pear.

When open­ing a psd file:

  • Also note, upon open­ing the Photoshop file, you might see “Some text lay­ers might need to be updat­ed before they can be used for vec­tor based out­put. You you want to update these lay­ers now?” Then you have two choic­es: “No” or “Update” If you select “Update” that should do the trick and you won’t even see the alert on any of the lay­ers.

Caps lock indicator for Windows


Fantastic lit­tle app for Windows 10 (and ear­li­er) shows an “LED” in your pro­gram tray indi­cat­ing if your CAPS LOCK (I just used it now and love it!), NUM LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK are on or off. My Windows 7 had a huge pop-up that would stay on for a moment when­ev­er any of these was turned on or off, but that was still a has­sle. However, Windows 10 has noth­ing to indi­cate the mode. So I’ve been hav­ing to retype entire sen­tences in the oppo­site case. Or try­ing to type in a pass­word when the char­ac­ters all show as bul­lets? Impossible if you can’t tell whether caps are on and you can’t see the pass­word. Nice going, Microshit. Well, I’d pay $50 for this lit­tle app, but guess what—it’s free! And there are no upsells. Lots of con­fig­u­ra­tion options includ­ing cus­tom col­ors and place­ment on screen. Like I said, it’s free, but I love it so much I pressed the donate but­ton (part­ly because it is such a sleek, unob­tru­sive design, as well).