creative services

IDENTITY This is Chaz DeSimone's foremost expertise, along with lettering and typography, where his exceptional perception and talent render brand identity that hits the mark precisely, cleverly, and professionally: Logotype and logomark design Brand identity systems BOOKS Cover design and art direction, illustration, photography Interior layout and expert typography Editorial TYPOGRAPHY Expert typography; extensive repertoire of period fonts and layout styles Book cover art and creative interior page layout and design Advertising, collateral, packaging Film titles and posters Environmental and architectural signage LETTERING This is the "real deal"--authentic hand lettering by brush and pen, just like it was done for headlines, packaging, posters and signs in the BC age (Before Computers). Also digital "hand lettering" with all the refinements and nuances to resemble brush and pen. Professional hand lettering with knowledge of all period styles Custom lettering for logos, titling, product design Authentic period scenic lettering Environmental and architectural signage Calligraphy, traditional and stylized