Do you believe in per­fec­tion?


Do you (like most peo­ple) say per­fec­tion does not exist?

Totally unat­tain­able?

Pursuing it is a waste of time?

Then I sug­gest you leave right now, as this site will hold no cred­i­bil­i­ty for you, espe­cial­ly in the appre­ci­a­tion of what makes good design good.

On the oth­er hand, if per­fec­tion res­onates per­fect­ly with you…

Those who scoff at per­fec­tion usu­al­ly don’t appre­ci­ate excel­lence at all. They find some online “design­er” to hack up an ama­teur logo for $99 (wait—did I say $99? fiverr​.com will do it for five bucks!) and order their 250 flim­sy busi­ness cards absolute­ly free (plus a whop­ping ship­ping and han­dling fee, of course). And grab an artist from craigslist to throw togeth­er some col­lat­er­al that will end up in the round file. Writing a book? Maybe the same guy will design their next best­seller, too. Good luck.

If you are one of the blessed few, how­ev­er, who argues till blue in the face (Pantone 279 will do) that per­fec­tion is an ide­al that is real and attain­able, that it serves a wor­thy (though some­times lofty) pur­pose, that it is absolute­ly worth pur­su­ing because

it is incred­i­bly rare…

extreme­ly valu­able…

and achiev­ing it is a spine-tin­gling, exhil­a­rat­ing expe­ri­ence…

Welcome to my stu­dio, my phi­los­o­phy, my pas­sion for superb design.

Whether a soli­tary logo, an exten­sive iden­ti­ty sys­tem, a book cov­er, fine typog­ra­phy, hand let­ter­ing (the real authen­tic stuff with a brush and pen before com­put­ers), or even a meat­ball*—what­ev­er it is, it’s got to be good. Extremely good. Actually, in my opin­ion, absolute­ly per­fect.

Thanks for join­ing me in appre­ci­at­ing and pur­su­ing per­fec­tion.

Chaz DeSimone
design­er, typog­ra­ph­er, let­ter­ing artist BC (before com­put­ers)

*add some fresh mint—delizioso!

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