chaz desimone

Chaz DeSimoneI once over­heard a client say:

Damn that DeSimone—he’s good!”

That swelled my ego for awhile. (Some would say it’s still swollen.) But I’ll say it myself, I’ve always had an ele­vat­ed sense of what works and what doesn’t in con­cept, design and exe­cu­tion, even as a child scrib­bling “logos” instead of hous­es and trees.

I’m inspired by clients who appre­ci­ate and val­ue good design—or the val­ue of good any­thing, down to the brand of crayons*—so I don’t cre­ate logos or any oth­er form of graph­ic design for just any­one. My ide­al client has a cred­i­ble brand, a supe­ri­or prod­uct or a stel­lar ser­vice. They are aware that attract­ing a high-cal­i­bre audi­ence requires a high-cal­i­bre image. Not just clever, not just attrac­tive, but absolute­ly per­fect in every detail.

If you too believe you need a tru­ly pro­fes­sion­al brand iden­ti­ty, the very first thing we’ll do is talk about you–your brand, your busi­ness, your prod­uct. How do you wish to be per­ceived? Who is your ide­al client? What are your future goals, so we can plan on brand exten­sion and expan­sion? These and dozens more ques­tions must be answered when devel­op­ing your iden­ti­ty or design pro­gram.

Then, with­in the scope of brand iden­ti­ty (also called cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty or visu­al brand­ing), I cre­ate the nucle­us which is the logo, cus­tomize the fonts for your iden­ti­ty pro­gram, and assem­ble palettes of col­or and oth­er ele­ments to visu­al­ly sup­port your brand in every aspect. This includes sta­tionery, sig­nage, col­lat­er­al, pack­ag­ing, web­site, adver­tis­ing, ephemera, and of course the manda­to­ry mug.I will stop at noth­ing to help you project the per­fect image.

I am pas­sion­ate about help­ing you achieve suc­cess through clever, refined, pro­fes­sion­al design. Relentless in pur­su­ing excel­lence and refin­ing detail, I don’t agree with those who claim “per­fec­tion does not exist.” It does, and I’ll prove it. (If you don’t believe in per­fec­tion nor think it real­ly mat­ters in brand­ing, please hire some­one from 99dol­lar­l­o­gos.)

Please read what my clients say at 51 Reasons to Hire Chaz. I sug­gest #2, 28 and 50…but I’m espe­cial­ly fond of com­ment #51.


can’t draw worth a damn

Me and my CrayolaScribbling “logos” since I was a child and adding ser­ifs to let­ters since I could hold a cray­on*, I’m proud to say I’ve been a pro­gres­sive thinker and pio­neer in many areas of adver­tis­ing and graph­ic design. My very first loves are let­ter­ing, typog­ra­phy, and logo design with all its relat­ed ele­ments to devel­op a com­pre­hen­sive brand iden­ti­ty pro­gram. On the oth­er hand, I can’t draw much more than a stick fig­ure.

the fun & fabulous ampersand

AA-LOGO-125x125On the per­son­al side, once a month I cre­ate an AmperArt piece, fea­tur­ing “the amper­sand as fun & fab­u­lous art.” Along with design notes and a fun sto­ry to go with each cre­ation, the art­work is for­mat­ted as a print­able down­load which is sent absolute­ly free to my sub­scribers. The files are high-res­o­lu­tion images which can be print­ed as 11x17-inch gallery qual­i­ty prints, framed and hung in your home or office—or giv­en as spe­cial, rel­e­vant gifts. Tips for print­ing and dis­play­ing AmperArt are on  the web­site. You’re invit­ed to sub­scribe to AmperArt​.com and start your own col­lec­tion. It’s fun & fab­u­lous & free.


I also paint vibrant abstracts (because, like I said, I can’t draw), cre­ate cus­tom greet­ing cards, and prac­ti­cal­ly live at Disneyland. I love black cats (or any oth­er col­or). My favorite bumper stick­er reads: “If God had meant us to go naked we would have been born that way.” In oth­er words, I’m a nud­ist. I get my most inspired ideas for your most impor­tant graph­ics while lying in the sun. Maybe that’s why my brain cre­ates such intense design—I’m absorb­ing the entire spec­trum of rays while con­cep­tu­al­iz­ing the next great logo, web­site or ad cam­paign.

*My favorite hue has always been Crayola Blue Green. There is a box of 152 Crayola crayons on my desk (with “the new built-in sharpener”—an excit­ing mem­o­ry of my child­hood) at this very moment. So in love with Crayolas that I, Charles H. DeSimone, sign bind­ing legal doc­u­ments with them.