chaz desimone

Chaz DeSimoneI once overheard a client say:

"Damn that DeSimone—he's good!"

That swelled my ego for a day or two, but I have to admit, I've always had an elevated sense of what works and what doesn't in concept, design and execution.

I'm inspired by clients who appreciate and value good design, so I don't create logos or any other form of graphic design for just anyone. My ideal client has a credible brand, a superior product or a stellar service. They are aware that attracting a high-calibre audience requires a high-calibre image. Not just clever, not just attractive, but absolutely perfect in every detail.

If you too believe you need a truly professional brand identity, the very first thing we'll do is talk about you--your brand, your business, your product. How do you wish to be perceived? Who is your ideal client? What are your future goals, so we can plan on brand extension and expansion? These and dozens more questions must be answered when developing your identity or design program.

Then, within the scope of brand identity (also called corporate identity or visual branding), I create the nucleus which is the logo, customize the fonts for your identity program, and assemble palettes of color and other elements to visually support your brand in every aspect. This includes stationery, signage, collateral, packaging, website, advertising, ephemera, and of course the mandatory mug.I will stop at nothing to help you project the perfect image.

I am passionate about helping you achieve success through clever, refined, professional design. Relentless in pursuing excellence and refining detail, I don't agree with those who claim "perfection does not exist." It does, and I'll prove it. (If you don't believe in perfection nor think it really matters in branding, please hire someone from 99dollarlogos.)

Please read what my clients say at 51 Reasons to Hire Chaz. I suggest #2, 28 and 50...but I'm especially fond of comment #51.

Scribbling "logos" since I was a child and adding serifs to letters since I could hold a crayon*, I'm proud to say I've been a progressive thinker and pioneer in many areas of advertising and graphic design. My very first loves are lettering, typography, and logo design with all its related elements to develop a comprehensive brand identity program.

I also design book covers, book interiors, posters and packaging.

AA-LOGO-125x125On the personal side, once a month I create an AmperArt piece, featuring "the ampersand as fun & fabulous art." Along with design notes and a fun story to go with each creation, the artwork is formatted as a printable download which is sent absolutely free to my subscribers. The files are high-resolution images which can be printed as 11x17-inch gallery quality prints, framed and hung in your home or office—or given as special, relevant gifts. Tips for printing and displaying AmperArt are on  the website. You're invited to subscribe to and start your own collection. It's fun & fabulous & free.

I also paint vibrant abstracts, create custom greeting cards, and practically live at Disneyland. My favorite bumper sticker reads: "If God had meant us to go naked we would have been born that way." In other words, I'm a nudist.

*My favorite hue has always been Crayola Blue Green. There is a box of 152 Crayola crayons on my desk (with "the new built-in sharpener"—an exciting memory of my childhood) at this very moment. Yes, I, Charles H. DeSimone, sign binding legal documents with them.