book design

As a professional hand-lettering artist and expert typographer, several of my book covers showcase stylized text as the key or supporting design element. These examples demonstrate what a client once told me: "Chaz, you don't have a style—you are style!" Meaning, the personality of the design, whether imagery, typography, color or layout, is about your book's contents; about your writing style; about you, the author. It's not my personal style because it's not my book. But I give it expert, effective creative treatment as if it were my own. In the publishing realm, I'm proud to have served many bestselling authors with: Cover design and art direction, illustration, photography Interior layout and expert typography Marketing materials and ideas Copywriting and editing Let's talk about your next bestseller! 310 902-3913 This book design section is being expanded with a full portfolio of cover art and interior layout and typography—plus tips on writing, publishing and promoting, as well as many other resources for authors.