edwardian-ampersand-hugeAre you an amper­sand fan?

AmperArt™ is an ongo­ing per­son­al design project by Chaz DeSimone, graph­ic design­er & typog­ra­ph­er, fea­tur­ing “the amper­sand as fun & fab­u­lous art.” He shares his month­ly cre­ations with you absolute­ly free. The pdf down­loads are for­mat­ted for gallery-qual­i­ty print­ing & fram­ing. There’s a fun sto­ry with each one, too.

Sign up here—it’s free. You will receive the orig­i­nal AmperArt edi­tion #1 today absolute­ly free, as are all AmperArt releas­es. When you’re on the “A” (for “Ampersand”) list you will receive many exclu­sive bonus­es, all free to sub­scribers only. You will receive the month­ly release (or two, if Chaz is feel­ing inspired and ambi­tious) of the lat­est AmperArt piece as a high-res­o­lu­tion pdf to cre­ate a gallery-qual­i­ty print suit­able for fram­ing.

Here are sam­ples from the AmperArt “Advertising Slogans” series:

#21 New & Improved#41 Whiter & Brighter#45 Strong & Absorbent#48 Cool & ComfortableAmperArt-28-good-good-for-yAmpreArt-52-quality-dependaSee Chaz DeSimone’s entire AmperArt series, fea­tur­ing “the amper­sand as fun & fab­u­lous art.”
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